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Winnipeg’s only Event’s focused Security Company; Toro Security & Event Services Inc. serves Winnipeg and all surrounding Manitoba communities.

Every musical or sport performance has a different dynamic. Challenges include overly enthusiastic crowds, extremely demanding guests, uncooperative and intoxicated patrons or an alcohol fueled environment. Toro Security & Event Services Inc. understands these challenges and our staff have implemented innovative techniques to address these issues at live music performances.

Our staff is highly trained as well as experienced in managing crowds at concerts, social events and festivals of all sizes. Including Stadiums, Arenas, Amphitheaters, Performing Arts Venues and Social Halls.

Special Events are the cornerstone for community celebrations and gatherings. They entertain, excite, enthuse and inspire audiences of all ages. Special events also have many complex and technical challenges for event staffing companies. Large crowds, new unproven facilities, traffic issues, weather challenges, seasonal issues, transient and out of town attendees as well promoters unfamiliar with local trends and regulations.

Our goal is to provide a safe and secure venue, prevent inappropriate behaviour, reduce liability and risk management, create efficient pedestrian and vehicle traffic plans that work.



Toro Security & Event Services, Inc. provides professional security services support to commercial building and public venue owners and managers.

Toro Security & Event Services Inc. is exceptionally positioned to implement total security solutions for commercial properties and offices, resulting in enhanced operating efficiency and marketability for property managers and developers alike. In addition to location and amenities, a building’s competitive advantage often is defined by the quality of services offered, including security.

Responsibilities of the Toro security staff in the commercial business environment are diverse, and it is crucially important to work with a security firm that can offer people and expertise to function as an integral part of the building and property management team.

We offer the highest-quality and  advanced security services available in the building security industry to meet the needs of commercial facilities.

Our security professionals know how buildings operate and are experienced in providing the most concise understanding to building security for building owners, investors and tenants alike.



2017 will be a great year for us at Toro Security & Event Services Inc. . Our Career Development Center located at 1151 Henderson Hwy will grow to include Mental Health First Aid Training for all of our Security Officers and the general public. Past experience has shown that most people who act out at events or in public, suffer some sort of mental health challenges, with better training and understanding of mental health issues, our guards will be better equipped to deal with incidents relating to mental health in a way that benefits not only the site but the person we are dealing with. Too often security has dealt with all people who act out in the same manner, restrain and call the police if necessary, understanding what someone may be experiencing helps us understand the best approach to deal with each situation effectively and properly. 

  This course will be offered along with our in house First Aid CPR, NVCI and Manitoba Security Guard 40 Hour Training.

We are excited to welcome Ronni Harris to our team as the Mental Health First Aid instructor. Ronni brings a wealth of experience working in ABA and Autism as well as mental health. With a bachelor degree in  Psychology and years of working at St. Amant we look forward to her lending her time and experience to help us become a stronger more effective security company.   

Call us at (204) 272-9000 to sign up for courses, class size is limited.

 We look forward to a great year in 2018 and wish everyone a safe and fun News Years Eve.