Toro Security & Event Services Inc. offers made to order security services for each individual client..  Wether it be a large contract site, major event or a one time social  all clients are treated with the respect they deserve as our most valuable asset

We offer high quality security personal that can adapt to any security situation. Our staff are fully trained in all aspects of security.

About Our Company

Toro Security was built on supplying on demand security for other security providers who found it hard  to fill large security orders with their own staff. It soon became apparent to clients that cutting out the "middle man" was more cost effective for their budget concerns. In 2012 Toro Security was re-branded as Toro Security & Event Services Inc. 

We are independently owned and operated to provide you with service that is simply unmatched in the industry. If a problem should arise administratively, or in the field, you will be able to contact knowledgeable, top management decision-makers immediately and your problem will be addressed and resolved at once. Impersonal nationwide corporations are incapable of providing service on that level.